Why you should SEO your website

Giving your website an edge through SEO!

As being one of the most widely used online marketing methods, Search Engine Marketing (SEO) services not only helps to get leads for businesses but is known as one of the most cost efficient methods as well. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is like its name suggests, using search engines such Google to get site visitors and leads.

Once a website ranks on page 1 for a certain keyword which is frequently searched, the site will be able to receive free traffic almost permanently. Hence SEO is a good way to get free leads without any cost; maybe except the one-time cost for a hiring an SEO consultant or SEO agency to optimise your website.

4 White Hat Techniques SEO Must Use

Google algorithm is constantly changing. Businesses must continuously use white hat SEO to adhere to this constant change that is happening. Here’s some technique an SEO should always use

  1. Creating quality content
  2. Continuously search for relevant keywords
  3. Enrich the content and meta descriptions with keywords
  4. Get authoritative links for the website

4 Black Hat Techniques An SEO Must Avoid

There are techniques a good SEO must avoid using. Working for a website these techniques should not be used by all cost

  1. Avoid link farming
  2. Keyword stuffing will hurt the website badly
  3. Avoid placing the keyword unnaturally
  4. Poor or badly written content should not be published

What are the advantages of using SEO?

There are several advantages of using SEO compared to other online marketing methods such as Facebook marketing. In this article, we will mention the advantages of getting an SEO agency or consultant to help your marketing:

SEO is not costly, unlike other online marketing methods. Online marketing methods such as Facebook marketing cost a lot, charging you per the number of people reached or the number of conversions made. However, SEO services only require a one-time cost, which is to the SEO agency or consultant. Unless you have a contract with your SEO agency or SEO consultant, you would not need to pay him anymore and thus get leads from your website for free! Thus many find that SEO services are not only a worthy investment but cost-efficient as well.

SEO and your website is on page 1 of search engine results is ‘mostly’ permanent. Many might be skeptical, but SEO is either permanent or long-lasting. Google does not update its results completely and hence there are only 2 possibilities for you to get kicked out of page 1: you are using black hat methods in SEO services; therefore banded by Google or your competitor’s website has been promoted to page 1, therefore kicking you back to page 2. However, this is very unlikely as most website tend to get Google’s favouritism and hence is able to stay on page 1 of Google for a long period of time.

On some occasions, SEO services could only take up to a month to do for some websites. For a completely brand-new website, SEO services could take up to 3-5 months to do depending on the competitiveness of the market. However, for most websites that have already been on the web for several years, SEO services only take up to 1-2 months to optimize. Hence this allows websites to get leads and site visitors at an early stage, hence increasing your no of conversions.

What are things to note when hiring an SEO consultant?

When selecting a SEO agency or consultant to help SEO your website, there are several qualities to look for. We have listed several points for you to note when selecting a good SEO consultant:

  • The SEO agency or consultant has to have many reviews and testimonials from his clients. By showing off his reviews from clients, will ensure that the SEO consultant is able to actually help SEO websites and get leads for businesses.
  • In addition, this will differentiate them from other SEO agencies who are using black hat SEO methods in their SEO services.
  • The SEO consultant would have to be certified in providing SEO services to others. At SEO agency Wiz Marketing, all our SEO consultants are certified by the world-renowned Search Engine Academy. Thus we can assure all our clients that our SEO consultants have been properly trained and thus know how to SEO a website without getting penalised by Google.
  • The SEO consultant should have experience in proving SEO services beforehand. As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’; through practice, the SEO consultant should have gained enough confidence to be able to SEO a site properly and avoid any mistakes when doing so. Our SEO consultants have helped SEO several websites, thus understand the rules about Google and SEO.