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Importance of Having a Beautiful Website

It is important to have a good web design; giving your clients a first impression is important for a company. Not only does your site tell your clients about your services, but your site reflect about your company as well. A good website would not only impress your clients but allow them to have a good user experience.

Good user experience on your site increases the percentage of website conversions. It is proven that 70% of online users would rather spend time on an appealing website compared to a site with a bad design. Furthermore, it is important for every website to have a clear navigation menu. This is to allow site visitors to find and visit pages on the site easily.

A Beautiful Website Gives a Good Impression

A Beautiful Website Gives a Good Impression

Why Hire Our Web Designers?

We are not the only online marketing agency in Singapore that provides web design services. Thus, out of all the web designers in Singapore, why hire our web designers?

  • Our web designers are experienced.

Many web designers in Singapore are inexperienced in building websites. Many web designers may have learnt the skills to web development and web design. However, it is important to have gain the experience by working on other websites beforehand. By ensuring this, you would be able to trust your website in the hands of the web designer.

  • Our web designers allow you to draw a layout of the web design you want.

Many web designers in Singapore do not ask for your opinion. Instead, they provide you with a few web design options for you to choose. At Wiz Marketing, our web designers will ask for your ideal website design. After drawing a rough sketch, our web designers will improve the web design and confirm with you the final decision. By asking for our clients’ opinion, our web designers are hence able to provide customer satisfaction.

  • Our web designers have testimonials from clients.

Testimonials are always a must for every web designer. Why? Because it is important to know that the web designers is able to build a beautiful website and that he has previous experience. Furthermore, positive testimonials indicate that the web designer is trustworthy and reliable. This would allow you to trust the web designer to manage your website.

  • Our web designers use responsive web designs for all our clients.

In this time and age, mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets are used by billions of people around the world to surf the web. In order to provide good user experience for your mobile device users, your website would need to have a responsive web design.

What is a responsive web design? A responsive web design is specially created to help a website adjust to the small screen mobile device users use. This will make surfing your site much easier and hence mobile device users will be able to have no problem visiting pages or purchasing a product on your site.

Type of Sites

Our Web Designers Design Many web designers are only able to design corporate company websites. At Wiz Marketing, our web designers are trained to design a variety of type of sites. We have listed below several type of sites our web designers are able to design:

  • Corporate Company Sites
  • Forum Sites (Yahoo Answers)
  • One Pager and Affiliate Websites
  • eCommerce Sites (Amazon)
  • Directory Websites (Yahoo Directory)
  • Blogs (Blogger)
  • Photo Sharing Sites
  • Information Sites (Wikipedia)
  • Author and Book Websites

Need a Good Web Design?

Need a beautiful website urgently? To hire our web designers, drop us a message at our contact page now.