Website Design

First Impression Counts- A Beautiful Website

Appearance matters. The homepage is the first thing your client will see when he visits your site. If you have a website with an unattractive design, it is most likely that the visitor will leave your site.

Web design also symbolises the professionalism of your business. A good and active business will have a large portfolio- website and Facebook page.

Having a good and suitable web design is a must. Especially if you own a corporate business, you would have to have a website which can engage your visitor. Visitors need to be convinced of your capabilities to do the final purchase of your services.

If you own an e commerce website, you would need a theme to display your products clearly. In addition, your e commerce website must be easy to use as your customers would want to purchase your products quickly without any trouble.

Importance of Having a Beautifully Designed Website

Many business owners and entrepreneurs in Singapore do not understand the importance of having a good web design. However, having a good web design actually plays an important role in increasing the conversion rate on a website:

  • Having an easy-to-use navigation is important for a website. Many websites have beautiful designs and colours. However, they lack a navigation menu. Without a good and clear navigation menu, site visitors will be unable to navigate through your website and find important pages such as the contact page.
  • Many websites have special and fancy word fonts. However, having a clear font is more important than having a fancy but illegible font. Content is the body of a website. It is the content and words that persuade the site visitors to order a product or find out more about the service you are providing. Hence without a clear word font, your website may not be able to convert leads no matter how fancy the font is.
  • A web design tells a lot about the reputation of the company. A beautiful web design will reflect well on the company. A clear and beautiful website will tell the site visitors that the company is trustworthy and honest, just like the web design. However, if you have an ugly and unattractive website, site visitors may feel that the web design is uncomfortable to the eye and hence leave your website. 

What is your website about?

We specialise in web designs for different types of businesses:

  1. E commerce
  2. Local Business (Wiz Marketing)
  3. One Pager
  4. Informational Websites (Wikipedia)
  5. Blogs (
  6. Photo Sharing Websites

We have a variety of themes for you to choose from, different designs layout- the choice is yours. All our themes are responsive, which means that they can be easily navigated and viewed with any device- a phone, laptop or tablet. Our themes are not only beautiful but easy to use as well. Our themes are SEO friendly, enabling you to have both a beautiful website as well as one which can rank on Google page 1 easily.

Why Choose Us?

There are a number of web designers in Singapore. However, why choose us? Many web designers in Singapore use web designs that are not responsive.

Thus mobile users have difficulty navigating and reading the content on your website. Furthermore, many web designers use web designs that have a bad navigation menu. Thus site visitors have trouble finding pages on the site such as the contact page.

At Wiz Marketing, our web designers only use responsive web designs for our clients. This is to allow mobile users to browse through your site easily, no matter on a laptop, mobile phone, or even a tablet.


In addition, after we have designer your site, we will help and teach you some basic web design skills such as changing the colour of your website and adding in new content. Many web designers in Singapore charge their clients for helping them to make small edits and changes, which could be easily done by the client himself. Being experienced, our web designers have many web designs for our clients. We will advice our clients on the web design and give our clients a range of web designs to choose from. By doing so, our clients will be able to create their own personalised and beautifully designed website.

What is a Responsive Web Design?

When redesigning your site, nothing from your site will be deleted. To be on the safe side, our web designers will make a backup file for you just in case.
Our web designers only design sites built on WordPress.