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Our freelance developers are able to design and build websites on WordPress, Python and Javascript frameworks. We’ve worked with over 68 SMEs in Singapore. Our developers are also able to build SEO-friendly sites free-of-charge.

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Benefits Of Freelance Web Designers

Why choose a freelance web designer over a large web design agency? A freelance web developer who loves designing websites will be able to help you create your perfect Javascript or WordPress website!

Freelancers are typically more cost effective

Freelancers only do work for and focus on a few clients

There is a more personal 1-to-1 connection

Able to create and design a website within a few weeks

What Does A Freelance Web Designer Do?

A freelance developer does similar tasks as a web design agency, but without the administrative hassle.

Meets the client to understand his or her web design needs

Sketches a template or sends over a few website demos

Design and develop the website

Make edits to the web design draft as per comments by the client

Frequently Asked questions

Are freelance web designers cost effective?

Hiring a web design freelancer is usually more cost-efficient than hiring those from big firms. They usually charge cheaper rates as they wouldn’t have to share this with the firms they are working in. That is why those extra fees will be stripped off. This way you can save while still getting the work done. Our developers have worked with over 68 SMEs in Singapore! Contact us for more details.

What are the characteristics of a good freelance web designer?

Willing to show portfolio and reviews

A good freelancer is someone who can show or present his or her portfolio. Web design depends solely on the skills of the web design freelancer as they are the ones who will execute the work. No matter how involved and how many ideas a client gives, if the web design freelancer cannot properly execute it, then the client wouldn’t get satisfying results.

Another important thing that a web design freelancer should be able to present is the reviews of past clients. Being transparent is one of the most important things that a freelancer must possess at this transaction is two-way communication. Being honest about their skills and reviews of others is a good indication that your freelancer is trustworthy.

Open to your ideas

Web design freelancer is already creative on his or her own. However, owners or clients may still have ideas in mind for how they want their website to look like. That is why freelancers need to be open to these kinds of ideas and suggestions.

It is vital, as stated above because to be able to get satisfying results one a web designer must be willing and able to listen to other suggestions.

Straightforward about rates

As stated, being honest is an important part of doing transactions like this one. That is why your web design freelancer must be honest and straightforward about his or her rates. There should be no hidden charges to avoid conflicts along the way.

Ask your web designer if the fee is all-inclusive and then draw a contract to make sure that no hidden fees will be charges.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelance web developer?

Able to work faster

Since they are freelancers, they usually have more time in their hands and they can work on their own time. This can make the commissioned work be done faster than when hiring professionals from a firm.

Easy communication

Handling relatively fewer clients, a web design freelancer can be easily contacted. They are usually more relaxed about these kinds of interactions as they welcome suggestions and new ideas from the clients. This way, you can be sure that you are both working on the same page thus ensuring the best results.

It is vital, as stated above because to be able to get satisfying results one a web designer must be willing and able to listen to other suggestions.

More innovative

Since web design freelancers are not tied to big firms, they have more creative freedom. This gives them more opportunities to be creative and explore more ideas. Web designers who are employed with big firms are usually limited when it comes to giving out ideas as they are somehow required to stick to the company’s branding.

Although, this is not necessarily a bad practice. It sometimes limits the possibilities of the website. So, it is more advisable to hire web design freelancers if you are interested in exploring unique designs. This way, you can look forward to more innovative and unique ideas for your website.

Better quality

As stated, they usually have fewer clients, therefore, they can focus more on the quality of work at hand. They can focus more on the details and the little things on your website. This ensures a better quality of output. So, the money that you have spent will be more worth it.

Why do you need a good website?

Technology has changed rapidly over the years and has affected almost every aspect of our lives. Today, one cannot go on a day without encountering anything that is related to technology. It has changed the way we do things such as communicating with others, ordering food and other necessities, transportation, and even the way we consume entertainment.

Technology has made life more convenient and easier for everyone. That is why there are many professionals who venture into this field as there is a wide industry on all sorts of things concerning technology.

Information can now be easily accessed through the internet especially, communicating with friends, loved ones, and colleagues have been made faster through the help of mobile applications and other social networking sites. Grocery and leisure shopping can be done with one click through the help of these advancements. These are usually hosted on a website for easier access.

Today, the majority of businesses and other entities have a website to reach a wider audience and be able to market easily. However, since there is a high number of businesses that opt to have a website, standing out and being unique may be a hard task. Making your website more attractive and user-friendly may be a complicated job for someone who is not used to doing these things. That is why hiring a website designer is vital to make sure that you are doing things correctly.

There are two types of website designers, one is those who are from a big firm or a web design freelancer. There are some differences between the two and choosing the right one for your business is tricky. However, the majority of businesses prefer to hire web design freelancers as they offer more benefits and perks. To know more let us talk about what to look for in a web designer and the benefits of hiring a web design freelancer.

What is a WordPress website?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). Simply put, WordPress is a platform for developers to build websites on.

Both informational business and eCommerce websites can be built on WordPress. However, one major issue with WordPress is site speed and user experience metrics (e.g. CLS). A good WordPress developer would be able to write Javascript, HTML and CSS to compliment the WordPress platform in order to streamline your website.

Many WordPress developers just use themes and plugins. However, this is not good for SEO because a large number of plugins negatively affects user experience metrics. Writing custom-made sections of a WordPress webpage’s design is therefore a useful skill for every good WordPress developer.

How do I become a successful freelance web designer?

If you are a web designer or looking to become a freelance web developer, you should first pick a programming language or web application platform to specialise in. For example, you could learn to become a WordPress developer. Alternatively, you could start by learning some basic HTML and CSS on Codecademy. Once you’ve honed your webpage design skills, you could start to learn Javascript to create animations on your webpage.

A good freelance web developer must be patient when designing a website. This is especially so because freelance web developers have to work directly with a large number of clients. There will be bugs and errors when developing a site. But every good freelance web designer understands the importance of keeping calm, working hard, and when to stop and take a break.

Being a WordPress or full-stack developer is a lot of work. Every good freelance web designer should have a community of web designers designing sites everyday to share and bounce ideas off.