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The 5 components of SEO

Keyword research

Keyword research is the process of identiying competitive and relevant keywords to rank for. Keyword research involves using tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner to analyse the search statistics of keywords. In addition, keyword research involves analysing the competitiveness of each keyword.

Page and content creation

Content creation is the process of writing SEO optimised articles. The articles will then be proof-read and checked for accuracy, as well as any grammatical errors. After passing through plagiarism checks, the article will then be published!

On-page optimization

On-page SEO optimisation is the process of implementing key changes to the website. On-page SEO optimisation can be controlled by the webmaster and business. Examples of on-page SEO optimisation includes ensuring that there isn’t any plagiarised content published and using the correct header tags.

Link building

Simply put, link building is the process of attaining backlinks. This is an important part in SEO as many black-hat SEO consultants often use black-hat SEO strategies to attain backlinks. At Wiz Marketing, we only use organic natural backlink building strategies. Despite taking time, this will benefit our clients in the long-term and prevent any penalties from being imposed.

Technical audit

A technical audit is an SEO analysis that we provide to all our clients. This process involves finding critical errors in your website and identifying ways to improve your SEO. One common error pointed out in our technical audits is site speed. Many business owners often flood their website with high resolution images and videos. While this may capture the web visitor’s attention, this will negatively affect your SEO rankings.

Why do I need SEO?

Are you looking to grow your business and it’s brand name? Working with a local SEO Singapore firm can do the job for you. However, it can get a bit overwhelming if you do not understand SEO. In addition, many SEO consultants often charge extremely high SEO service pricing Singapore plans. The Singapore SEO consultant will go into detail about your website’s SEO problems. They will give you SEO solutions. You can’t ensure that you will get a fair SEO services pricing Singapore plan if you are not familiar with SEO terms.

Find out if you are getting the best SEO agency Singapore services by learning about them. In this article, we’ll cover the 5 core components of SEO.

What are the components of SEO services?

SEO services #1 – Keyword research

The foundation of all SEO optimization is keyword research. Thus, this is the most important part of SEO. Knowing which keywords you should target is important before developing an SEO plan. Each page of your website should target at least one different keyword.

The website should have enough pages with targeted keywords to cover the scope of your business. For example, if your business is a body massage school, your keywords should be “massage trainer”, “massage class”, and “massage course”. You should look for synonym words of the keywords. 

Pick the keywords that have commercial intent such as “learn body massage course” and “find massage trainer”. These keywords are more desirable since more people use these terms when searching. It is good to specify the location of your website. If your target customers are from Singapore, you should use keywords that have “Singapore” in them. This is especially important when confirming the SEO services pricing plans. You will have to decide on the exact keywords before signing the agreement.

When picking a keyword, the lower the competition density the better. This information can be provided by the SEO keyword tools used by the local SEO services Singapore firm. Don’t choose keywords that have high competition. That is because 95% of clicks go to the top 5 in the search engine ranking. Pick the keywords that can get you in the top 5. After enquirying about our SEO services pricing Singapore, we will help provide a free keyword research! Our SEO consultants will run through the various SEO services pricing plans and help you decide on the most suitable option.

SEO services #2 – Page and content creation

To rank higher, you need to create new pages. You can’t have your website rank without the keywords placed on every page of your website. Thus, it is necessary to add more pages and content to your website.

A local SEO services Singapore firm can help to create SEO content for your website. A good SEO agency can make the content long enough so it can be more comprehensive.

They can also easily add the targeted keywords on the page. Each page has to be unique. Thus, make sure that the SEO agency Singapore company is not using templated or copy-paste content. Do note that this should be mentioned in the SEO services pricing meeting, as well as the consultation before signing the agreement.

In content creation, your audience must get value from it. They easily leave your site if they can’t find what they are looking for. This will increase your site’s bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the more your site’s ranking drops.

Another point is to make sure the URLs created in your site are short and relevant to the content of that page. Your local SEO services Singapore firm should be able to map out all the keywords on your page to ensure its relevance.

The SEO company in Singapore is doing a good job with page and content creation if there are no writing mistakes. They should be able to provide high definition images. The formatting of the pages should be legible and clean.

Your SEO agency Singapore firm should be able to research on what types of pages in your niche are ranking. If blog posts are ranking, they will suggest adding blog posts to your site. If e-commerce pages are ranking high, they will help you go in that direction. This is especially important to note as the existing authority of your webpage must reflect in the proposed SEO services pricing Singapore plans. Thus, they will do what’s possible to get your site ranking.

In our SEO services pricing Singapore plans, we offer business owners to choose between working with our in house writers, or their writers. Most small businesses in Singapore don’t have in house writers. Therefore, our writers will speak with your team to learn as much as your industry. This will allow us to write accurate content for your website.

SEO services #3 – Page optimization

Search engines need assistance for them to understand what a certain webpage is about. A good local SEO services Singapore firm can effectively modify your website content. As a result, both search engines and your readers can understand them. Thus, they should be capable of optimizing your page.

A Singapore SEO agency should be able to create attractive titles that are relevant to your keywords. These title tags are what you’ll see in a search result list. There should be keywords and related terms incorporated in the body of each page.

It is also important that the SEO agency Singapore company can optimize the anchor text of the links. They should also be able to add alternative text to images so search engines can see what the image is about. They will make the content longer and remove irrelevant pages. A good SEO agency will present these mistakes and areas of improvement in a site audit. This is usually presented before the SEO services pricing Singapore plans, during a free consultation. Ask for this if it’s not presented to you.

SEO services #4 – Link building 

Any website can incorporate keywords into their pages. There are a lot of pages that use the same keyword. That is why search engines like Google rank pages according to backlinks. Backlinks are links that are found on another website’s page that can be linked back to your page.

Search engines prefer backlinks that are of high quality. This means that the page where the link is found is relevant to your page.

For example, if the backlink will lead back to a massage school, that link should be found in articles related to massage. Therefore, your local SEO services Singapore firm should be able to find related websites where you can guest post.


SEO services #5 – Technical audit

The SEO consultant must know how to perform a technical audit on her site. They should be able to use a bot to crawl on your website to create an inventory of the URLs, images, script files, and other web technicalities. As mentioned above, the technical SEO audit should be presented during the consultation (before the SEO services pricing proposal).

The SEO agency Singapore company should also be able to submit sitemaps to Google. As a result, Google can easily understand the make-up of your website and be able to rank it accordingly. They should also be able to remove pages that are considered duplicates. 

There are lots of technical terms used in the technical audit. It is alright if you do not understand much of this. What’s important is that the local SEO services Singapore can give you the right recommendations and point out the results. Be sure to clarify the expected results before the SEO services pricing Singapore proposal.

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