SEO in comparison with SEM

What is SEO & SEM?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the organic ranking of search results on search engines such as Google. SEO can be done but an experienced and certified SEO consultant would necessary for the job. This is because many self-made SEO consultants actually use black hat SEO methods to help clients websites, but end up hurting and causing them to be banded by Google.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid advertising to rank on search engines. For Google, their SEM system is known as Google Adwords, which goes by a pay per click payment system. This means that Google actually charges you a fixed amount every time a user clicks on your ad. One of the huge differences between SEM and SEO is that SEM actually ranks immediately on Google page 1 whereas SEO takes a longer time.

Advantages of using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • There is no cost involved (except for the cost of hiring an SEO consultant)
  • The search engine results is permanent without any payment or cost
  • You can be assured that your website is user friendly as Google has requirements before ranking your site on page 1
  • Increase your brand awareness on Google
  • Get free and relevant traffic as people find your site through related keywords

Advantages of using Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  •  Fast and immediate search ranking results
  • Can target for certain keywords to rank for
  • Can monitor the amount of clicks and traffic
  • Increase brand awareness without spending a lot of time and too much money
  • Together with SEO, use SEM to get more traffic for your site
  • You can target any keyword; even your competitor’s company name when Googled

Disadvantages of using SEO

  • SEO takes a long time to build up a website for it to rank for keywords on page 1
  • Ranking results take much longer than SEM which is immediate
  • SEO will cost you a few thousands to hire a good SEO consultant

Disadvantages of using SEM

  • Can be costly should you be inexperienced in SEM as you may target for the wrong keywords at the wrong price
  • Will cost a bomb should you want to use SEM as your permanent source of traffic
  • Your ad ranking will depend on both the amount of money you are biding for, how relevant your site is to the keyword and how easy it is for one to navigate and use your website

Which to use?

Wrapping up, both SEO and SEM have their pros and cons. If you are looking for something more permanent and not in a hurry to get immediate traffic, SEO is for you. However, it is important to hire a good and experienced SEO consultant as many SEO consultants out in Singapore use black hat SEO methods which could get your website banned and penalised.

On the other hand, SEM is for those whom need quick and immediate exposure. In addition, SEM can help websites rank and target certain keywords which their customers search for. To hire our SEO consultants or for more information regarding our SEO services or SEM services, drop us a message now.