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Finding a good digital marketing agency is important for any new business. However, it is even more important to find a trusted SEO consultant. As a new business owner, you want to leave you business in the hands of a trustworthy SEO consultant in Singapore.

With years of experience, our SEO consultants will be able to answer all your SEO-related questions. In addition, our SEO consultants in Singapore will be able to help you understand white hat and black hat SEO strategies. It is important to find a certified SEO consultant. Not all SEO consultants are certified.

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Importance Of Hiring a SEO Consultant Singapore

Through SEO a website can rank on top of every search engine. SEO can help a certain website get the exposure it deserves.

SEO Consultant can help the website generate excellent results

SEO Consultant can give owner more time for their business

They can also help in generating more income for the company

They can provide organic traffic for the company’s website

Questions to Ask When Hiring An SEO Consultant In Singapore

Here are some questions you might want to ask when you hire one.

How do you get content written?

Do you use an in-house writer?

Will the published information be accurate?

What is your experience in web design and building mobile responsive sites?

How long will the SEO consultant Singapore take to rank my website onto page one?
Which past clients have you previously worked with?

Frequently Asked questions

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO methods are recommended by Google. White hat SEO methods are the opposite of black hat SEO methods. White hat SEO methods involve getting natural links and no keyword stuffing. At iWiz, all our SEO consultants use white hat.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO methods are used to cheat Google and rank on the first page quickly. Google frowns upon black hat SEO methods. Black hat methods commonly used in ‘guaranteed’ SEO services includes keyword stuffing and buying links and page rank. Black hat SEO methods only allows a website to rank on page 1 for a short period of time, before it gets penalised by Google.

How qualified our SEO Consultants?

All our SEO consultants are certified by the well-known Search Engine Academy. To get this SEO certification, our SEO consultants Singapore are required to take up the SEO course and pass the SEO exam. Work with an SEO agency or consultant that only uses white hat SEO methods. A number of SEO agencies’ that provide SEO services in Singapore use black hat SEO methods, which is frowned upon by Google. Black hat SEO methods help websites get onto page 1 very quickly. However, when found out by Google, the websites get penalised. Hence our SEO agency uses white hat SEO methods which helps our clients’ websites rank on Google slowly, but stays on page 1 for a long period of time.

It is important to find a SEO agency providing professional SEO services with experts who are familiar with the SEO Google algorithms. There are many SEO Google algorithms. The SEO Google algorithms affect your site’s ranking on Google. Thus it is important for the SEO agency to be familiar with all the SEO Google algorithms as well as the latest Google algorithm updates.

Why work with our SEO consultants?

Out of all the SEO consultants in Singapore, why choose us? Although there are many certified SEO services and consultants, only a small minority of SEO agencies can help you get to page 1 quickly using effective SEO methods. To get you on page 1 immediately, some SEO consultants use black hat methods in their ‘100% guaranteed’ SEO services which are frowned upon by Google. This will cause Google to penalise and blacklist your website.

This would cause your website to be unable to rank on page 1. The worst part is, many do not even realise why they are penalised, and hence have a negative perception of internet marketing. Our SEO services are not 100% to get you onto page 1, number one. However, our SEO consultants are trained to write quality content and get links in a natural way. Other SEO consultants might take the shortcut by buying links. This means that unrelated and low-quality websites will link to your website. This will harm your website as Google does not like people who try to cheat them and buy links.

What are the traits of a good SEO Consultant in Singapore?

Singaporeans are becoming less impulsive when it comes to purchasing products or services. That is due to their exposure to digital marketing. Consumers tend to do their research online first before deciding to invest in any product or service. This is to assure that the individual is getting the best quality product at the best price. Therefore, companies have been finding ways to build their online presence.

As a business owner, you may not fully understand how digital marketing and SEO work. However, there are people who do. They are referred to as a SEO consultant in Singapore. However, you do not want to jump into the first digital marketing agency in Singapore that you see. You want to do a bit of research too.

Trait #1 – A good SEO consultant will show you a roadmap

It is recommended to work with a SEO consultant in Singapore that demonstrates their expertise and is confident in helping you. Therefore, you will be partnering up with a SEO consultant in Singapore that has the appropriate experience. However, how would you know that you are selecting a digital marketing consultant in Singapore with that experience? An effective way to do this is by asking them for a sample roadmap.

A roadmap is a strategic plan that illustrates the journey of a client should he use the agency’s digital marketing services. This can be adjusted according to the client’s needs. But an established digital marketing consultant in Singapore would already have a prepared template to show. If they don’t have one, consider this as a red flag.

In addition, ask the digital marketing agency if they are using their marketing roadmap on themselves. As a digital marketing agency in Singapore, they too need digital marketing services. Realistically, a company offers digital marketing services because they are certain that their system works. If it works, they also use that same marketing system in their company.

Another thing you can check is how well they understand their client’s sales funnel. A sales funnel is the path that a consumer takes until he makes a purchase. If the SEO consultant can’t understand their client’s sales funnel, how can they optimize it?

Trait #2 – Find a SEO consultant in Singapore that provides quality digital marketing services

Experience is one thing but expertise is another. When looking for a digital marketing agency in Singapore, it is important to make sure they are giving the best quality digital marketing services.

Trait #2 – A good digital marketing consultant will analyze marketing data

Being able to apply marketing tactics is great. But if a digital marketing consultant in Singapore can’t analyze marketing data, those tactics will be useless. Marketing data can be obtained through platforms like Google Analytics. Social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest offer audience insights to those who use a business account.

If the digital marketing agency doesn’t even know this, then you shouldn’t consider them.

Speaking of marketing, if you already had a marketing plan beforehand, it is good to present it to the SEO consultant in Singapore. There might be digital marketing companies that would rather start a new plan. But an experienced one would definitely consider your plan first. They will either accept the plan but would make some changes or discard it but will tell you why.

A digital marketing agency in Singapore that knows how to analyze marketing data can identify your KPIs. Key Performance Indicators are based on your specific business goals. A SEO consultant will track the progress of any marketing campaign they apply. Because of that, they can give you regular reports as you work with them.

With the marketing data, the SEO consultant in Singapore can figure out the strong and weak points of the campaign. This data can determine which digital marketing services work and don’t work for you. Thus, this is a good basis for your next steps in digital marketing your business. If a digital marketing agency knows this, you can be assured you found a good one.

What to look for in a good SEO Consultant in Singapore?

Market research

Knowing what your competitors are doing is vital. But knowing what your customers want is more important. The digital marketing agency in Singapore should be able to conduct a study on your customers’ demographics and behaviours.

For example, they can tell you the top trends, what’s not selling, and what marketing tactic gets the most sales in your line of business. With market research, the agency can effectively implement the right marketing campaign. So, make sure this is one of the first things that the SEO consultant Singapore asks you.

SEO copywriting

A website is nothing if search engines can’t find you. That is why a company that offers digital marketing services should know how to do search engine optimization (SEO). One way to find out if a digital marketing agency is familiar with SEO is to check if they are able to do keyword research.

A digital marketing agency in Singapore that doesn’t use SEO tools can’t do SEO copywriting effectively. Ask whether they are using SEO tools such as Majestic, Ahrefs, or anything similar to those. If they do, you’ll know that they can deliver great SEO copywriting.

Competitive research

A good SEO consultant in Singapore knows how to do competitive research. They should be able to tell you what your competitors are doing.

For example, they can tell you the marketing strategies of your competitors. Whether they are using pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, or SEO. Thus, make sure that they know how to make a competitive analysis.

Personalize content

After figuring out your customers and competition, the digital marketing consultant in Singapore will personalize content for you. Writing relevant content, specific to your business is not as easy as you think.

However, if your digital marketing agency offers quality digital marketing services, you do need to worry. They can make personalized content that brings good sales conversion.