Search Engine Marketing- SEM

Besides using SEO, you could use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to rank for your desired keywords too. SEM, also known as Google Adwords Pay per Click, operates similarly to sponsored links.

Google charges you a fixed fee every time someone clicks on your ad. Having visitors visit your website is good. This could lead to the visitor purchasing your services or product.

However, only 5% of people whom clicks on your website actually makes the final purchase. In addition, SEM has your ads shown immediately, whereas SEO takes time before your website ranks on Google first page.


Wiz Marketing helps manage businesses’ SEM Google Adwords campaign. Especially for someone new to SEM, it is hard to bid for the correct amount and still have your ads shown to people whom are interested in your service or product. In addition, there are statistics which needs to be constantly observed. This is time consuming, leaving business owners with no time to focus on their business.

Benefits of Using SEM Google Adwords

With SEO used to rank your website, why is there a need to use SEM Google Adwords? If you would like to expand your online presence and get as many clients as possible, you would need to use various internet marketing methods. To max out your online presence and visitors getting to your website, you will need to have links on Google page 1 linking to your website.

One way of expanding the number of links on Google first page is by using SEM. 20% of people clicks on the ads whereas the other 80% of people clicks on the natural listings. Instead of just getting the 80% of people to visit your site, have the full 100% instead!

SEM has 1 secret advantage few knows. You can steal your competitors’ clients! For example, you could own a violin school. However, your competitor has been in the industry for a long time, hence having the name of his violin school being well-known. You could have people whom like to learn from him go to you instead! Have your ad show up every time one searches for your competitor. 30% of people whom searches for your competitor will click on your ad. In the end, they will decide to learn from you instead! This is how you can steal your competitors’ clients using SEM.


When starting a SEM Google Adwords campaign, you are able to:

      1. Choose your keywords you want your ads on
      2. Your targeted location
      3. Pay per click
      4. Set a fixed budget and number of clicks
      5. Stop your campaign anytime
      6. Detailed and accurate statistics in forms of graphs

Our Job- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Managing a Google Adwords campaign may sound easy. However, there are many keywords in your industry- your main keywords and long tail keywords. When using Google Adwords Keyword Tool, they do not provide all the right keywords used in your industry. Our SEM experts are trained to identify the keywords and have your ad appear when people search for those keywords.

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No one wants to pay more than what they should. On Google Adwords, you are provided with a recommended price to bid. The amount you bid is where you will be listed on Google page 1. For example, bidding at a very low price would have you at the bottom whereas bidding at a high price would have your ad be shown at the top of the page. Our SEM experts are trained to bid for the right price, yet still have your ad be at the top of Google page 1.

Reading statistics could be very confusing and tiring, especially if you are bad with numbers. Our SEM experts are trained to observe the graphs and data shown on your Google Adwords campaign. With professionals helping your Google Adwords campaign, you will be able to benefit the most from Search Engine Marketing.

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Will My Competitors Backstab Me?

Some business owners try to sabotage their competitors by clicking on their competitors’ ads. Thankfully, Google Adwords have come up with a solution. You will only be charged once when a visitor clicks on your ad. For example, a visitor could click on your ad but decide to exit from your site. When he returns and click on your ad, you will not need to pay again for his click.