Top Payroll Service Providers in Singapore

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Building your own business requires plenty of things, including handling the payroll of your entire workforce. If you don’t have enough resources to manage payroll, depending on an outsource provider that gives impressive payroll services in Singapore may be the right decision to do.

Outsourcing an efficient payroll service has a lot of benefits. You will get to focus more and spend more time on other important functions. You don’t need to worry about hiring and training an employee how to use payroll applications. Outsourcing from payroll service providers ensures you timeliness, accuracy, and satisfaction with any work that handles the compensation and time of the employees. Here is a list of some of the best payroll service providers in Singapore.


i-Admin provides a user-friendly payroll experience to any company in Singapore. It provides system infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology that makes payroll handling seamless. This service provider depends on an exclusive cloud-based SaaS platform to give manageable e-services to its customers.

Elements Global Services

The Elements Global Services in Singapore have made impressive payroll services for companies across the globe. Elements Global assists you in handling all international workforce with regional tax regulations and accounting and makes sure that your staff will be paid on time with the right computation of their pay.

The payroll platforms used by Elements Global Services feature multilingual efficiency, tax compliance, self-management portals, specialized reports, etc., and because of these, the company is known to be on top of the best payroll service providers in Singapore.

KP Payroll – Singapore Payroll Service

Singapore Payroll Service is one of the go-to outsourcing companies for agencies that want to hire payroll providers that offer bundled services. The agency offers employee solutions, disbursement of salary, and other important recruitment solutions. It helps businesses with managed payroll solutions and motivates them to grow small business startups.

KPMG Singapore

KPMG Singapore’s managing partner is led by Ong Pang Thye. It is the largest account service provider in Singapore, which office is one of the most thriving firms not only in Asia but internationally also. KPMG Singapore focuses on social roles, professionalism, and providing the best results for its partners which include non-profit organizations, governments, and large corporations. KPMG Singapore operates as a global network of member agencies across the world and offers advisory, tax, and audit services to solve and minimize risks for clients.

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Sometimes, it is impossible for startups and small businesses in Singapore to hire their own team for their accounting because of some budget constraints. Fortunately, there are several accounting service providers that provide a reasonable price and the best accounting services in Singapore. Check out Wiz Marketing to view other state-of-the-art accounting firms in the country. We can also discuss other service opportunities that you may want to incorporate into your business.

Top Payroll Service Providers in Singapore


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Elements Global Services

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KP Payroll -Singapore Payroll Service

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KPMG Singapore

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