Online reputation management

Have Bad Reviews Online? Remove Your Company’s Negative News!

Our online reputation management specialists have helped over 40 SMEs and local businesses in Singapore. We specialise in removing and burying negative news about companies.

Online Reputation Management

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Importance of Having A Positive Online Reputation

A company’s reputation is built from their online presence. Company reviews play a huge role in influencing Singaporean’s spending habits.

Positive reviews give clients trust and confidence in your company

A good online reputation can increase profits

There is a more personal 1-to-1 connection

It can attract better employees

4 Ways to Build Your Positive Online Reputation?

According to Ryan Goff of MGHUS, business should give 100% attention to their online reputation management. ORM creates positive trademark to a company.

We monitor Social Media accounts

Pay attention to your customers

Respond to any online reviews

Regularly update the content of your blog

Frequently Asked questions

What is online reputation management?

In this age of the internet, anyone can search your company’s name in Google and find many reviews about your company[1]. This includes bad untrue reviews, which could lead to people feeling insecure about purchasing your product or service.

Hence online reputation management allows companies to develop a positive image online and get rid of bad reviews by pushing them to the second page when one searches for their reviews.

Won’t Google prevent bad reviews from ranking on Page 1?

Many business owners are confused when they see bad reviews about their own company rank on page 1 when they type in their company name. This is because many assume that Google would not want to ruin their company’s name by ranking bad reviews on page 1.

Google does not decide the sites which rank on page 1 by good and bad reviews. Instead, Google ranks pages which helps users. In this case, it is a reviews about a company. Hence do not feel confused when you find a bad review on page 1 for your company’s name as Google’s priority is to provide users useful pages.

How long does online reputation management take?

This usually depends on the number of bad reviews there are about your company but on average, it would take 2-3 months.

Do I need to keep renewing the contract to keep my reputation clean?

When the contract is over, you will not to renew it. However, you may want to engage our online reputation retainer to prevent bad reviews from affecting your business in the short-term.

Why choose iWiz as your online reputation management company?

Our job is to help you get rid of the bad reviews. Although it is not possible to delete a bad review, we are able to move bad reviews about your company to the second or third page. Hence this will allow your clients to view a clean and good reputation when researching about your company..

How Much does online reputation management cost?

Online reputation management costs varying of a number of factors. The more negative reviews there are, the most costlier it will be. Also, because it will be more difficult to remove a news articles from an authoritative source (e.g. Business Times), costs may vary depending on the publisher.

However, in general, online reputation management services ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 SGD.