Top Office Renovation Companies in Singapore

office renovation companies

Did you just recently extend the scope of your projects that needs renovation and remodeling of your office premises? Upgrading and renovating your company premises can be an exciting process to do. In order to make the most of the available space in your office, you must have a good knowledge of what you are doing. You need to pick the best office renovation contractor to do all necessary remodeling. Here are the top office renovation companies in Singapore that have highly positive reviews and have excellent services and packages.

The Interior Lab

Founded by the veterans of the interior design industry, The Interior Lab prides itself to deliver the finest level of service and workmanship to our clients. As a boutique artisan interior design firm, we provide bespoke design solutions tailored to each homeowner’s aesthetics and lifestyle needs. Honed to provide a hassle-free and fuss-free renovation journey for each and every individual. Backed by a team of experienced craftsmen coupled with the expertise of our creative interior designer, The Interior Lab has transcended trends to create distinctive home interiors.

Om Decor

Om Decor provides one stop services for owners or tenants who intended to renovate their retail shops, F&B, healthcare clinics or offices.
We strive to be the most valued commercial interior & construction firm to empower every business; not by our size or name, but in our Professionalism.

Services rendered:

For Design, Om Decor offers : Interior Design space planning, Design concept and material selections and 3D visualisation rendering.

For M&E Works, Om Decor offers: M&E design & drawings, QP endorsement and Certifications & reports.

For Project Management, Om Decor offers: Public Liability and Workmen Compensation insurance, Project Scheduling & Execution of Work and Site Supervision & coordination.

Renovation Contractor Singapore

This renovation company can make your design dreams into reality. Renovation Contractor Singapore is a full-service renovation and interior design company that can manage any job, be it a small or a big change, or whether it is a simple remodeling of a room or a full office renovation. You will also be comfortable since you will be working with excellent after-sales support, responsive customer service, and licensed professionals.

Being one of the most award-winning office renovation companies in Singapore, they can recreate your office from start to finish. With experienced professionals, any office space can become both inspirational and functional.

Thomson Renovation

In its ten years of experience, Thomson Renovation has remodeled 500 or more residential and commercial projects in Singapore. These include renovating different kinds of homes and commercial properties of various sizes and industries. The good thing about Thomson Renovation is that their renovation team caters to different types of projects.

If you’re planning to renovate just one room on your company premises, Thomson Renovation can handle the work. Even if you choose to only paint the ceilings and walls, they will treat it just the same as working on an entire building.

Get expert help

Choosing the best office renovation company for your office is very challenging since you need to consider a lot of things, but with the help of this list, we hope that you were able to choose from the best office renovation companies in Singapore. Any of the contractors mentioned above will surely help you achieve the desired new look of your office. Just in case you want to know more about the services offered by these companies, you can visit Wiz Marketing. Feel free to browse the website and pick your best option.

Top Office Renovation Companies

The Interior Lab

+65 6345 6372

Om Decor

+65 6600 6000

Renovation Contractor Singapore

+65 8784 8742

Thomson Renovation

+65 6610 3838

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