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About MWI

MWI is a game-changer in the F&B and fish farming industries with its IoT solutions, ThemoCare and AquaCare. ThemoCare keeps an eye on freezer temperatures to ensure food stays fresh. AquaCare monitors water quality in fish farms for optimal conditions.

MWI’s testimonials

Let’s hear MWI’s testimonials from some of their customers.

ThemoCare Saves the Day During Festive Season

Evonne Chow, who runs a cold-room operation, used to worry about not having round-the-clock staff to monitor her freezers. But ThemoCare changed that. On the second day of Chinese Lunar New Year, ThemoCare alerted her about a temperature spike in her cold-room. Acting fast, she called her supplier to fix the issue. If it weren’t for ThemoCare, she might have lost a million dollars’ worth of frozen fish.

AquaCare: A Farm Manager’s Best Friend

Soe Pyae Kyaw, a farm manager, has a lot on his plate. From overseeing farm operations to making sure the fish are healthy, it’s a lot to handle. His biggest concern was keeping track of water quality, which you can’t see. AquaCare made that easy. It sends alerts if the water quality changes, letting him act quickly. Now, he can focus on other tasks. Plus, AquaCare’s reports help with audits and gaining certifications like GAP.

MWI’s ThemoCare and AquaCare are not just products. They are solutions that solve real-world problems in their respective industries. Both have proven to be invaluable to their users, offering peace of mind and saving both time and money.