Importance of site speed loading time

In the online world, everything this day and age is expected to load fast due to our advanced technology. Hence should your website’s site speed be slow, this would greatly affect your website’s conversion rate and the amount of time your site visitors would spend here on your website.

It is estimated that 30% of websites take more than a few seconds (recommended time) to load. Thus in order to compete with your competitors, you would have to enable your website’s site speed to load faster and load images faster.

Below are several reasons of why your site speed needs to be fast and load within a few seconds:

  • Slow site speed would mean that your site visitors would take a longer time to visit your website. As most Singaporeans are impatient, 50% of your site visitors will most likely get frustrated with waiting and thus exit your website. This is a sad way to lose your hard-earned leads and hence it is important to ensure and provide good user experience on your website.
  • Slow site speed will affect your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. You might not know but Google penalises websites that loads slowly. This is because slow site speed will cause your site visitors to wait longer and have a tendency to leave the site. Hence as Google wants to provide good user experience, your website will hence be penalised and SEO rankings may be dropped.
  • Slow site speed will affect the loading time of your images. Naturally, as your images are shown on your website, the loading time of your images will be slower that your website’s loading time. Thus, in order to ensure that your images are able to be clearly seen by site visitors, it is important to have a fast site speed for your website.
  • Every second counts. Did you know that most pages are abandoned if it doesn’t load with 1-2 seconds? This is due to impatient people have and thus unwilling to wait. Hence to prevent your site visitors from leaving your pages and website, you would have to ensure that your website loads within a few seconds.
  • As most might be aware, the time taken for a website to load on a mobile phone is slower that a desktop or laptop. Thus it is crucial to have your website site speed load within a few seconds to compensate for the time taken to load on a mobile phone.

Many web designers always prioritise web design over site speed of a website. However, both are of important value as some site visitors may even leave the site before it finishes loading! Hence it is important to create a website with both a beautiful web design and a fast site speed.

If you have any website issues, drop us a message and contact our website technical team.