Importance of having a strong social media presence

In this day and time, everyone is familiar with social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are over 2 billion active Facebook users online today. In fact, Singaporeans spend almost 20% of their time on social media sites today. For most entrepreneurs and marketing managers in Singapore, social media marketing is a must-do.

Because social media has been introduced into our lives so suddenly, social media marketing has gained the interest of many to reach out to their clients. Hence many businesses find that social media is essential for a successful business.

Well, social media marketing must have helped businesses because Facebook earned a shocking revenue of $3.71 billion in 2012, $5.09 billion in 2013 and $12.5 billion in 2014 last year. This shocking amount is thanks to large businesses whom spend millions on Facebook ads such as McDonalds whom wish to get online exposure for their brand.

Benefits of social media marketing

The amount of revenue Facebook earns demonstrates just how powerful social media is in the world. Below are several ways social media marketing Singapore services can help your business:

  1. Allow users to search your business from social media sites. Many businesses mainly rely only on Google and Yahoo to bring in clients. However, they are missing out a crucial search engine- social media. In fact, did you know that many business in Singapore actually get more messages from their Facebook pages than their websites? This is because people may have shared Facebook pages with their friends and hence increasing exposure for your business.
  2. Increase brand recognition. Because social media sites such as Facebook is used by millions everyday, social media sites are the perfect opportunity for businesses to gain and increase brand recognition. Especially for businesses with products on sale, brand recognition is crucial for business. For example, a simple Facebook ad could receive the attention of millions, helping to gain recognition and sell your product easily.
  3. Expanding your mailing list. Having a long and active mailing list is beneficial and crucial for every business. Your mailing list could contain the email addresses of both your current and potential clients. By reaching to your potential clients, this would allow you to have a higher conversion rate. Facebook has a function which allows Facebook pages to collect email addresses given by Facebook users whom would like to know more about the service or product. Hence it is important to have a great Facebook marketing campaign to be able to expand your mailing list and reach out to your potential clients.
  4. Better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings on Google. Ranking well on page 1 of Google will help your business to get a lot of online traffic from users. Google is constantly on the look out for websites whom are able to provide searchers with what they want. By having a social media page, Google will be able to know that your website is a real business and hence your SEO rankings will improve.
  5. Improve clients insight about your business. Many a time, clients find out more about the services and products from the business’s social media page. Social media is where people is constantly active. Hence posts about your products or services would read and viewed by your clients, and thus improve clients’ knowledge and insight about your business.
  6. Manage your online reputation management. A business’s online reputation management plays a crucial role in the decision of a client. A business’s online reputation could persuade a client to purchase your product or service. Online reputation is mainly built up of reviews from previous clients, which helps to build a business’s brand.

Our Facebook marketing services

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