Importance of having a good web design

Website design is the graphic representation of any company or individual. It includes web page, coding and interactive web applications. These are commonly used in building websites, online resources in banks, promoting movies, proving latest news, personal promotion, overall marketing and advertising of products & services. Employers, manufacturers and key players in the world are tracking various ways to retain valuable website visitors.

A well designed website is a sure shot way to promote the products and services on Internet and target global customers. It is very important to have a good website design if you are into eCommerce. Along with good eCommerce SEO, the website becomes more informative.

Reasons for a good design

  • A website design can provide appropriate results in terms of tracking visitors, promoting products and services for target customers.
  • The basic requirements for most websites are attractive images or pictures, good content and visually appealing design.
  • Visitors are prone to skip websites with heavy animations and huge images because they take longer to upload and visitors hunt for easy and quick information.
  • Check the compatibility of a website design with other leading browsers to get viability of animations and images on the Internet.
  • Informative content makes it interesting to browse. The text must be placed alongside relevant images or videos.
  • There are specialised website designers for various industries. Study their portfolio and ask for better rates.
  • Exclusive creative heads have proven to be good for certain designs of dynamic portals.
  • Web design has also become a challenging career for many individuals.
  • SEO now has become a part of the deal when a website is hosted online. It supports the website in better ranking on search engines. A website that is optimised for offline and online SEO, will have a better ranking and will drive more traffic.

Improve navigation and brand awareness

There are other ample benefits of a website design other than visitors and indexing by search engines. A good website becomes popular due to easy navigation and usability. Site maintenance becomes easier and faster for a well-designed and informative portal. Today, the appeal for a visitor lies in easy navigation. If a website has many pages, which happens often in eCommerce portals, then browsing should be quick. If it is slow then the visitor loses attention.

No matter how creative the web designer is, he should keep the terms simple for users. They should not be trying to understand how to reach the right page. Hence, too many fancy fonts, types and terminology do not click well with the users. It should be so simple that a grandfather should be able to surf it!

A website design is often seen as a reflection of the company and the individuals behind it. To conclude the 5 important elements that hold the key to success are:

  1. Its visual appearance with use of good colour schemes, good resolution photographs
  2. Informative content that can be easily read on screen
  3. Easy functionality that have meaning in the graphics
  4. Usability across pages and simple navigation
  5. Appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) anywhere across the world.

Tip: employ best practices to keep visitors engaged.

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