Importance of having a good company logo

Many businesses puts a lot of effort in deigning a good company logo. This is because a company logo not only represents the company itself, but tells everyone about the qualities about the company as well.

In addition, having a good company logo will help your business marketing strategy, as a unique logo will give your business brand awareness and brand recognition.

  • Your company logo will give your clients and customers an impression about your business. For many Singaporeans, the logo is the ‘face’ of the business. Thus, it is important for your logo to look beautiful and unique in order for you to build a good first impression for your customers.
  • A company logo will help your clients or potential partners to trust your business. In your company logo, you will indicate the values your company has.
  • For example, if your potential partner is looking for an honest business, and he sees that your logo has a colour or sign that indicates honesty, you will give him an interest in your business and hence he might be interested in your business.
  • A company logo will give your business brand awareness. For some businesses, they survive and sell products mainly due to brand recognition.
  • One of the contributing factor to brand awareness is to have a unique and special company logo. By doing so, you will be able to make it easy for Singaporeans on the street to recognise your company immediately just with a glance at the logo.

Design principles

Despite the fact that your company logo ought to be unique, it should still be easy for people to comprehend and understand at a one-look glance. Although there are many options for you to choose to customize your company logo- colour, shape, icon typography etc. we recommend that businesses should get a logo which is simple and easy to remember.

Another tip is to have your business name in your company logo. For example, we have our company name ‘Wiz Marketing’ in our logo, to tell our clients that they are dealing with us and not another company.

Also, different businesses industries should have different types of logos. For example, a art shop would have a creative and artistic logo whereas a computer shop would have a more angular and professional company logo.

In conclusion, your company logo not only represents your company, but the industry you are in as well. It is important to select different colours, typography, icons etc. of your logo as it will affect the way others persive your business. Avoid creating complicated company logos but logos which are simple easy to remember instead.

What colours mean in company logos

  • Red Logos: Energetic and exciting
  • Blue Logos: Trustworthy and loyal
  • Orange Logos: Creative, cool and fun
  • Green Logos: Healthy and fresh
  • Yellow Logos: For the young
  • Purple Logos: Creative and luxurious