Why no one can guarantee you SEO

No One Can 100% Guarantee SEO Rankings

You may have received many emails from SEO agencies in your spam folder, claiming to have the ability to 100% confirm guarantee to SEO services for your website. As tempting and amazing as this seems, this is not possible.

Not even the best and most experienced no 1 SEO consultants can assure you that he will help you to get your site on page 1, number 1 on Google. However, many SEO agencies and consultants, especially those from overseas such as India, still use this assurance, in attempt to get clients. 

Why No One Can 100% Guarantee SEO Rankings

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. In fact, there are 4 core Google updates yearly (on average).

  1. Google’s algorithm constantly changes after every core update
  2. Using “guaranteed” black hat SEO methods will get your site penalised by Google
  3. Even Google has said that SEO rankings can’t be 100% guaranteed!
  4. White hat SEO strategies are constantly evolving.

What happens with black hat SEO?

Upon receiving access to your site, these SEO consultants and agencies will use black hat SEO methods to help you rank on Google. Your site may rank on page 1 for a short while, however, when caught by Google, your site will get penalised. In serious cases, your site will not even be shown on Google at all! When your site is penalised by Google, your rankings and number of site visitors will drop tremendously.

Although it is possible to recover from your mistake, it will take a period of time and you will be required to delete all the black hat SEO mistakes on your site. Please note, even huge sites such as news website can still be penalised if caught using black hat SEO methods.

How does Wiz Marketing help clients?

Unlike most online SEO agencies overseas, at Wiz Marketing, we help our clients by using white hat SEO methods. What are white hat SEO methods? White hat SEO is the opposite of black hat SEO. White hat SEO methods are recommended by Google which includes getting links naturally and having clear content on your site for your site visitors.

Although white hat SEO methods would take longer than black hat SEO methods to rank a site on page 1, black hat SEO methods cause websites to get penalised by Google. This is because black hat SEO methods are mainly used to trick Google and rank on page 1 of Google quickly, thus websites using black hat SEO methods do not provide site visitor with good user experience.

On the other hand, white hat SEO methods focuses on creating good user experience for site visitors and providing them with what they need. By proving good user experience for your site visitors, not only would you be able to engage with your site visitors, but the percentage of site conversions would increase as well.

What is black hat SEO?

There are many SEO agencies who sell black hat SEO services. Black hat SEO methods are used to cheat Google, and aim is to rank on page 1 of Google within a short period of time.

This includes plagiarism and buying links from other sites. When caught, your site will get penalised by Google and hence unable to rank well on Google again. However, there are ways to recover from this mistake, though you would have to start back from square one again.

So you can’t guarantee SEO… Then what do you promise?

As said before, there is no SEO agency which 100% guarantee to getting a website to page 1, no 1 on Google. Hence we do not make any promises to our clients but make reasonable promises instead. For example, we can promise to get a website to page 1 within several weeks. This is a promise we can guarantee, since we would need to take time to SEO your website by using white hat SEO methods.

Many of our clients ask us how we collect our fees for our local SEO services. We would collect a small downpayment and you would have to sign a document, confirming our agreement. The small downpayment is to help ensure that clients would not change their minds, and cancel the deal when our SEO consultants are working on your site.

Should our SEO consultants be unable to help SEO and get your site to page 1, we would refund the downpayment you made for our SEO services. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking on the link.

Has Google ever addressed this claim of “guaranteed SEO”?

Yes, they have! As we have said before, there is no possible guaranteed SEO services. However, as a professional SEO agency in Singapore, our SEO consultants will do an analysis on your industry and niche before confirming with you.

Below is a video made by Google, telling and confirming to everyone that there is no ‘guaranteed’ SEO services possible. Watch the video below to hear from the horse’s mouth for yourself.