Facebook Marketing- Connecting With Your Customers

In online marketing, there are several ways to reach out to your future customers- Search Engine Marketing (SEO), SEM, social media marketing etc. In recent years more and more businesses have been using Facebook marketing to find customers and build brand recognition.

However, the problem with Facebook marketing is: many are simply unable to understand the concept of Facebook marketing or are unable to read and understand statistics.

Many business owners try to run their own Facebook page and campaigns. But because of their lack of experience in Facebook marketing and lack of understanding of the way Facebook marketing runs, their campaigns fail and hence receive poor results.

At Wiz Marketing, our Facebook marketing consultants are not only experienced but have understood the key to running Facebook campaigns as well. Hence we are able to help our clients in improving their sales through Facebook marketing yet grow their reputation and brand recognition as well.

Reaching Out to People World Wide

In this century, everyone has a social media account. According to WearSocial.com, there are over 2 billion active users on Facebook

Social media is used to communicate with each other and share the events in our daily life.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. It is free of charge to open a Facebook account. However, have you ever though where Facebook gets its revenue from? 

In recent years, Facebook’s popularity has grown, along with its profits from ads. Facebook is generating over $500 million from ads.

You may have seen a line of Facebook ads while reading your friends posts. To be seen by you, they were all paid for by businesses. Their aim is to have you visit their Facebook page and buy their product or services.

 Why Have a Strong Social Media Presence?Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 8.31.11 pm

Why have a strong social media presence? Isn’t a great website ranking well on Google well enough? The answer is- to have a high conversion rate, it is important to have a high percentage of site visitors. Below are several benefits of having a strong social media presence:

  • Increase your business brand recognition. Many Singaporeans in this century are social media addicts, spending almost 30% of their time on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. By Facebook marketing, your Facebook ad campaign would be able to reach out to many Singaporeans, hence allow your business to grow your brand recognition.
  • Better SEO rankings on Google. One important factor in SEO is the user experience. By adding your Facebook page to your website, you would give your users an opportunity to connect and know more about your business. Furthermore, a social media page would allow Google to know that your business is genuine.
  • Improve the percentage of conversion rate. By increasing the number of visitors to your site and social media page, you would be able to increase the percentage of conversion rate.
  • Improve insight of about your business. By frequently posting on your social media page, your clients would be able to keep updated with the latest updates of your services or products.

Interact with Clients

When a user likes your Facebook page, they are either interested in what you are selling or want to receive updates about your products or services. In order to have users whom like your page to be your clients, you must keep them engaged by posting and sharing updates on your Facebook page.

If there is a promotion going on, have your Facebook users buy your products or services by sharing the promotion on Facebook. Remember to attach photos and videos as people are more attracted to visuals compared to words.


How We Help You- Facebook Marketing CampaignScreen-Shot-2014-09-18-at-5.16.36-pm

Only a minority of Facebook ads gets clicked on. A few Facebook ads attracts you to click on them while others do not. The reason could be a graphic design, a video or a line of interesting test. Our social media marketing experts will help you to create an appealing Facebook ad to attract attention and get clicks.

Creating quality posts is important. People only reads attractive posts with pictures and videos. Appealing posts must have something special- interesting content no one else has. Our Facebook marketing experts are able to create posts with interesting content to attract likes and comments.

Choosing your targeted audience is important. Otherwise, your Facebook ad will be shown to everyone. This will cause people whom is unlikely to purchase your product or services to click on your Facebook ad. Choosing the wrong targeted audience will have your cost increased. Our Facebook marketing experts will use different tools and read statistics to find out whom your targeted audience is.