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Frequently Asked questions

Why do I need a beautiful eCommerce website?

Every eCommerce store needs to be as close to perfect as possible. Our lives are greatly governed by technology. One of the biggest effects of technology is how we do shopping. Back in the day, shopping or purchasing goods and other necessities are done face to face. However, as more new strategies are introduced, we have revolutionized the way we shop.

Today, people can buy a one month supply of food just by clicking on their phones. Clothes are now sold online too. We have shifted from physical stores to eCommerce websites. These websites are what hosts your favorite store to be available online.

Therefore, eCommerce websites are the equivalent of storefronts and you need a beautiful user-focused eCommerce site to promote your product! Our eCommerce website designing experts have helped over 22 shops in Singapore. Contact us today for a consultation.

What is an eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website is an online platform that serves as a store or shop as well. This is where buyers and sellers can transact without having to meet physically. Ecommerce website development has been one of the most successful innovations of our time as it has addressed many existing problems. For example, this has addressed everyone’s busy schedules as the eCommerce website development has allowed many individuals to be able to purchase different goods and services even if they are doing something else. You can now do your weekly grocery shopping while working or while on your way home.

The difference between an eCommerce website development platform and a website itself is the function. Usually, simple company websites just contain information about the company, about the products they offer, and the contact information. Regular websites do not allow transactions or checking out your items. However, an eCommerce website development platform allows the seller to directly sell their products and it allows the buyer to purchase it all in one platform.

There are many types of eCommerce websites. One is the business-to-business type or the B2B which allows transactions between two business entities. This eCommerce website development platform is usually the exchange of raw materials between two businesses.

The second one is the business-to-consumer type which is the usual exchange of goods between a seller and a customer. There are also the consumer-to-consumer types in which the seller is also a consumer.

This eCommerce website development platform is usually those that host secondhand selling such as eBay and Amazon. For example, you can check out how Amazon kept improving its eCommerce web design till it became the largest eCommerce platform in the world. Any eCommerce website development platform offers many advantages that is why the launch of this has been successful.

How can eCommerce website development help with reaching a wider target market?

One of the reasons why an eCommerce website development is successful is because it has offered sellers to have a platform that has an unlimited reach of audience. eCommerce websites allowed sellers to reach even those that are miles away from where the business is located.

Physical stores only catered to those who can visit that certain branch, that is why to be able to reach more customers they needed to set up many different physical stores. However, once eCommerce websites have taken over, reaching potential customers has been made easier.

One of the ways to reach customers is through paid advertisements which can be customized depending on your preference. You can choose your desired audience by selecting the demographics. This is why eCommerce website development is now more preferred than brick and mortar stores.

Are eCommerce websites more cost effective than traditional retail stores?

Ecommerce website development is also more cost-effective than traditional stores. Setting up an eCommerce website is cheaper than spending on building or setting up a brick and mortar store. Aside from it being cheaper, you can get more from an eCommerce website. These websites allow more conversion rates as it is very convenient. This way you have invested less but were able to gain more sales.

Also, eCommerce websites do not require staff or personnel to man it all the time. Once an eCommerce site is up and running, the next thing to do is to check orders from time to time. Unlike a brick and mortar store where you will have to hire someone to look for it for a certain period of time in a day.

What are the advantages of choosing an eCommerce website development strategy?

No time restrictions. Ecommerce websites are not limited by time. Brick and mortar stores are usually limited and restricted by the mall hours that is why sales are also limited by this. However, an eCommerce website development platform is available to consumers from all over the world.

This allows more sales to be placed as anyone from any timezone can place their orders anytime. This gives a brand or business so many sales opportunities compared to those stores that are limited by the mall hours and the reach it has in those malls.

Scalable. Another advantage of eCommerce website development is that it can be easily scaled. Most eCommerce website platforms provide reports to the sellers. These reports contain the number of audiences reached and traffic that the eCommerce website has gathered thus, you will know what to do next.

These numbers can give you an idea of whether or not your marketing efforts are effective or need to be changed. Unlike physical stores which are harder to track, eCommerce websites are scaleable.

Set up your own store today! An eCommerce website development is a need for every business as it offers many advantages at an affordable price. Hire a reliable eCommerce website developer today to get you started. Visit iWiz to know more about the various eCommerce website options available.