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With every core Google update, SEO is getting more and more challenging. At Wiz Marketing, we run SEO tests to ensure that our strategies are most up-to-date.

Logistics Of eCommerce

Importance of eCommerce SEO

As more and more people are purchasing online, eCommerce SEO is becoming a crucial part of every eCommerce store’s marketing strategy:

Great content about your store’s products

Analyse your competitor’s website

Get natural links from other eCommerce stores

Responsive web design for great user experience

Frequently Asked questions

Plan to Build Your eCommerce Site From Scratch?

Are you planning to start your very own eCommerce website? Do you want to use our SEO services to help your eCommerce website rank on page one? An eCommerce website is very different from other commercial business websites. There are products, a shopping cart and payment page in an eCommerce site. As eCommerce is new, many web designers are unable to create and design an eCommerce website. At SEO agency Wiz Marketing, our web designers and SEO consultants have learnt to create a complete eCommerce site; the shop, products, payment page, and combine our SEO services with everything together!

Hence should you plan to build an eCommerce site with our SEO services, you should only have 1 online marketing agency in mind- SEO agency Wiz Marketing!

Why is eCommerce SEO important?

As the number of sales in eCommerce sites grows in Singapore, the number of mobile device users are increasing as well. Gone are the days of using a desktop to surf the web. Almost everyone in Singapore has a mobile phone or tablet.

Many eCommerce website owners do not find the need of having their eCommerce sites go mobile. This is because they find that Singaporeans would shop on eCommerce sites on their laptops only. However, this is not the case. According to Search Engine People, the number of people shopping online using mobile devices are growing. Additionally, it is important for your website to be ranked on page one for people to find you. This can be done through our SEO services.

Hence it is important to have an eCommerce site with the help of a SEO agency and web designers, to instill a responsive web design to allow mobile device users to have a good experience while browsing and shopping on your eCommerce website.

How can Wiz Marketing’s SEO consultants help with eCommerce SEO?

  • Create great SEO content for visitors on your website. By writing good content for your site visitors, you will be able to keep your site visitors engaged and hence they will stay on your site. In addition, should you have an informative blog you frequently update, you will give your users a reason to become returning visitors on your site. A good SEO agency and web designer will be able to help you achieve this.
  • Analyse your competitors’ websites. In order to rank well on Google, it is important to monitor both your and your competitors’ websites. By getting an SEO agency to analyse your competitors’ websites, you will be able to learn from them and hence able to improve your eCommerce site to rank better on Google.
  • Help you get natural links from related websites. Many SEO consultants use black hat SEO methods to rank their clients’ websites on Google. Black hat SEO methods are used to try to cheat Google’s ranking system.
  • They include buying links from unrelated websites and keyword stuffing in your content. At SEO agency Wiz Marketing, our SEO consultants only use white hat SEO services and methods, as well as get natural links from related sites to rank on page 1 of Google.
  • Create an eCommerce site with a responsive web design. As said before, the number of people in Singapore buying from eCommerce sites using mobile devices are growing.
  • To give mobile device users a good user experience, hence it is important for your eCommerce site to have a responsive web design.