Advantages of using SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ranking of websites on Google page 1. Through SEO, one’s website could get exposure and recognition by being seen on page 1 for related keywords. Despite taking a long period of time to rank on page 1 (assuming that the website is brand-new), SEO is not only cost effective but permanent as well.

Benefits of using SEO

  • Cost effectiveness and affordable for businesses

SEO is one of the most cost effective and affordable online marketing methods simply because of it does not cost a single cent to rank organically on Google’s search results! However, the cost do come in when hiring an SEO consultant whom himself has spent time, money and his resources learning this online marketing method. Thus if your business is just starting out with a budget, SEO is the most recommended online marketing method for you to start out to get leads and sales.

  • Make navigating around the website easier

In SEO, one of the factors Google looks out for is how easy it is to use your website. This means that it should not be a hassle for your site visitors to navigate through your website. Your website should have a neat and organised navigation menu, links to related pages on your website and a contact button at the bottom of each page (call-to-action). By having a good navigating system on your website, you will be able to have a higher conversion rate as your site visitors would be able to navigate around your site without much hassle.

  • Get free exposure and brand recognition on Google

As mentioned above, SEO is more or less permanent and a good way to get free exposure for related keywords. Thus, should you aim to get free (excluding cost of SEO consultant) exposure on Google page 1, SEO is the right online marketing method for you.

  • Get free quality traffic from search engines

Besides the exposure and brand recognition on Google, your website will also be getting free quality traffic from search engines like Google! When someone types in a keyword related to your niche or industry, your website will appear on page 1. Hence this will hence give your website the necessary and related traffic for free!

  • The SEO ranking results are more or less free and permanent

In SEO, Google will rank your website on page 1 as long as it give site visitors a good user experience and quality content. Hence, as long as your website has been ranked by an experienced and certified SEO consultant, the SEO results will be more or less permanent on page 1! This is unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM), where you will have to pay per click on your ads. Hence not only is SEO permanent, but cost efficient as  well!

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