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We are an online marketing & web development agency based in Singapore

Reach your target audience through SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Facebook marketing. With the proper expertise, you can reinvest your business’s profits back into growing your brand. In addition, you can use SEM get your company’s website to rank for your target search terms immediately.

This is a huge advantage if you’re trying to get your business off the ground without the months of optimising your website and improve its SEO rankings.

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Digital Marketing

At Wiz Marketing, we have helped dozens of local businesses in Singapore with their SEO marketing strategy. Start working towards ranking for your competitive industry keywords.

Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing), you won’t have to pay per click with SEO. Therefore, SEO will pay off in the long-run. For more information about working with us, check out our SEO services pricing plans!

Web Design

Software Development

We understand the struggles and time constraints of starting a new business. A website design is the equivalent of a first impression.

A good web design tells employees and customers that your company can be trusted. Leave the online marketing and web-side of things to us. Focus on your product and we will help present it.

Facebook Marketing

Software Development

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

With Facebook marketing, you can reach your target audience as easily as selecting your target age, gender and likes!

Web Security

Software Development

Prevent hackers from spamming your website or stealing your customers’ data.

Keep your website, database and company data safe and secured with the help of our security analysts.

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