5 Ways to improving sales on an eCommerce site

Inarguably, increase in sales is the primary goal of an eCommerce site owner. Popularity, reach and reputation, all comes down to work on one aim – sales improvement. Sales bring in more activity and revenue into the site. For starters getting sales can be the most challenging obstacle. Even popular, aged eCommerce websites struggle for increasing the amount of sales for succeeding period of time.

Promote your eCommerce website

Promote your eCommerce website in all channels available such as social media platforms and search engines. Nevertheless beware of negative Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and optimize promotion based on budget and options. Increase the number of related sites such as widely read blogs linking to you and measure how authoritative and popular they are on web.

Rank your eCommerce site on popular search engines to dominate search traffic and attract customers whom are searching for certain products. Should you prefer to have fast results when ranking for a keyword, you could use search engine marketing to have your ad linking to your eCommerce show up on your desired keywords.

You can promote your site on basis of the products you deal with. Focus on the popular keywords and its relative traffic competition, when you are doing SEO for the website. Post reviews about your products from customers to popular business review websites and forums. Nothing feels sweeter than enjoying an excellent online reputation of your store.

Alternatively you can promote your site by providing coupons on popular coupon sharing sites. Consider the lifetime worth of customer, while deciding the type of freebies or discounts you offer. Make customers feel like they are taking a massive advantage with your discounts. Remember, every customer you earn has more value than the discount you offer for the first sale.

Testimonial is your ticket

Making your next customer feel relaxed is essential. What can make new user ignore the stress factor when making a purchase? It’s that sweet testimonial given by another customer stating you delivered what you promised. Testimonials are proven techniques to bring massive improvement in the conversion rate. All levels of skepticism are addressed with one snippet of testimonial, more often than not.

Testimonials coming from the target customer base do worth gold, when it comes to case of budding eCommerce sites. The more original and less suspicious the testimonial looks, more sales are about to follow.

When a customer expresses the fear and worry he has while making the order, then the relief and joy he experienced during delivery, this makes up for an awesome testimonial and assurance for your customers.

Sharing a few insights on how the product makes a difference in someone’s life adds the necessary feel-good factor. The person giving the testimonial has to look much credible for the real world. A photograph or website link or some bio can go a long way.

Fix all design that fails

Deigning errors can cost you dearly in long term. When the eCommerce site is not easy to use and the navigation menu behaves unusually, your customers will experience bad user experience.

When buyers have to pay for their order, they would like to be clear about what their purchases are and their pricing. Terms of a purchase can look much complicated in some case, solely due to bad designing of the website. Make product search easier on preferences such as price, shipping costs, rating, popularity, brand etc…

Never scream for attention with your offers and super deals. Make the shopping cart button stand out from the entire theme of site.

Hard-to-find cart buttons and icons are one of the major reasons why some customers are unable to complete a purchase. Provide visual response in regards to added items in the cart, shipping costs, reductions, filled fields, and item’s image etc… Do not overlook, even the minor flaws in designing to ensure desirable sales record.

Provide excellent customer support

When people pay for your product or services, the last thing they want to be in, is a technical or product enquiry issue. When you don’t make yourself available for users to help solve any issues and queries, customers will find it inefficient and leave your eCommerce store. A solution to this problem is having a live chat system on your site. Live chat systems such as Zopim will help you to connect with your customers much faster and easier than slow returning emails.

Returning customers would sound like a distant dream, should customer support is not up to the mark. Trust takes some time and lot of communication. Make yourself more available for support through variety of channels. From phones to emails to social media networks, you need to cover them all. Having a ‘getting-started’ guide in place would do wonders.

An eCommerce transaction involves lot of queries from delivery charges to feasibility of satisfactory delivery to security of credit card information. Most of the eCommerce websites shy away from helping customers. if you want to run a successful eCommerce venture, having people being there to provide service for customers 24/7 is a bare necessity. Progress happens slowly but surely, when you get the basics right.

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