5 Useful website tips to create good user experience

Importance of Creating Good User Experience

Good user experience is the key to getting website conversions. When a visitor in your site has a good experience on your site, there is a higher chance of website conversions that a site that provides poor website conversion. Especially if your business is based online, it is important to create a user-friendly website to increase the rate of website conversion.

1. Have a beautiful and attractive web design

Having a beautiful website is important. A website with a beautiful web design will reflect well on the company whereas an unattractive website will reflect badly on the company. Many a time, the first impression of the company is seen through the website. Hence it is important to have a beautiful website for your company.

A beautiful web design will also help to keep visitors on your site. Great content and beautiful images are not enough. After all, your aim is to get the user to click on the ‘contact us’ button or to order your product. If your site is disorganised and unappealing, users may simply click out and go to your competitor.

2. Have a blog on your website.

Content is where you can communicate and persuade your website visitors and get website conversions. A blog is a great way to frequently add new and fresh content to your website. By adding new pages to your website, this gives users a reason to go back to your website. By having more returning visitors to your website, you are increasing the rate of website conversions.

In addition, a blog helps you to provide your website visitors with relevant information they need. For example, you own a website about violin lessons. Having a violin blog will give you a chance to add in posts for your website visitors such as tips to buying a good violin. Thus it is important to have an informative blog on your website to provide your website visitors with more content to read and allow your site to get returning visitors.

3. Have a responsive web design.

In this century, almost everyone owns a mobile device. People use their mobile phones and tablets to surf the web and visit websites. Thus it is important to have a website with a responsive web design, to make it easy for mobile device users to browse through your website from their mobile phone or tablet.

Did you know that people using mobile devices to buy from e commerce websites are increasing? According to Search Engine People, 27% of mobile devices users have made an online purchase from an e commerce site using their mobile device. Thus it is important to focus creating a website with a responsive web design, to make shopping and surfing the site easy for mobile device users.

4. Have images and videos on your website

Images and videos are as important as content on a website. ‘A picture tells a thousand words’. It is important to have images on your website to show a product or to make reading content easier. A reader would prefer to read an article with images rather than an article without any visuals. This is because images help to make content look appealing to read.

Many websites overlook and lack videos. Videos help to connect and interact with site visitors. By having a video on your website, you will also be able to keep the user on your site for a longer time, and allowing them to know more about your product or service. More often than not, it is the video that helps to convince the user to order the product or service. Hence it is important for every website to have a video to create user experience and to interact with the user.

5. Have a site search on your website

Sometimes, the pages your website visitors want to visit might not be on the navigation menu. A site search is a tool on your website where users can type in keywords and pages which are related to the keyword would be shown. By using the site search and finding pages they want, visitors are more likely to spend more time on the site as they are able to find pages they were looking for.

Furthermore, a site search is shown to lower the bounce rate on your website. The bounce rate of a website is the percentage of visitors whom leaves your site without viewing other pages. By having a site search on your website and lowering your bounce rate, hence the rate of website conversion will increase.


There are many ways to create good user experience for the visitors on your site. We have only listed down the following tips above as they are the basic as well as important factors to creating good user experience. By following the tips above, we are sure that you will be able to create good user experience on your website and hence be able to engage better with the visitors on your site.

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