Selecting a Good SEO Consultant

  • Find an experienced SEO consultant. It is important for a SEO agency or consultant consultant be experienced in the internet marketing industry. By having an expert experienced in providing SEO services, the consultant will not only be able to answer all questions related to SEO but be familiar with all the white hat & black hat SEO methods as well.
  • Hire a certified SEO consultant. Not all SEO consultants are certified. A number of ‘experts’ who provide SEO services in Singapore uses black hat SEO methods. Thus this results in their clients’ sites getting penalised by Google and not being able to rank on the first page of Google. All our SEO consultants are certified by the well-known Search Engine Academy. To get this SEO certification, our SEO consultants are required to take up the SEO course and pass the SEO exam.
  • Hire a SEO agency or consultant whom only uses white hat SEO methods. A number of ‘SEO agencies’ who provides SEO services in Singapore uses black hat SEO methods, which is frowned upon Google. Black hat SEO methods helps websites gets onto page 1 very quickly. However, when found out by Google, the websites gets penalised. Hence our SEO agency uses white hat SEO methods which helps our clients’ websites ranks on Google slowly, but stays on page 1 for a long period of time.
  • It is important to find a SEO agency providing professional SEO services with experts whom is familiar with the SEO Google algorithms. There are many SEO Google algorithms. The SEO Google algorithms affects your site’s ranking on Google. Thus it is important for the SEO agency to be familiar with all the SEO Google algorithms as well as the latest Google algorithm updates.

White hat SEO methods are recommended by Google. White hat SEO methods are the opposite of black hat SEO methods. White hat SEO methods involve getting natural links and no keyword stuffing. All the consultants at Wiz Marketing SEO agency uses white hat methods in our SEO services.
Black hat SEO methods are used to cheat Google and rank on the first page quickly. Google frowns upon black hat SEO methods. Black hat methods commonly used in ‘guaranteed’ SEO services includes keyword stuffing and buying links and page rank. Black hat SEO methods only allows a website to rank on page 1 for a short period of time, before it gets penalised by Google.


Questions to Ask when Hiring an SEO consultant:

  1. Do you use white hat SEO methods in the SEO services?
  2. How do you get links?
  3. Do you care about the content on my website?
  4. How long will the SEO expert take to rank my website on first page?

Why Hire Our SEO consultants?

Out of al the SEO consultants in Singapore, why choose us? Although there are many certified SEO services and consultants, only a small minority of SEO agencies can help you get to page 1 quickly using effective SEO methods.

To get you on page 1 immediately, some SEO consultants use black hat methods in their ‘100% guaranteed’ SEO services which are frowned upon by Google. This will cause Google to penalise and blacklist your website. This would cause your website to be unable to rank on page 1. The worst part is, many do not even realise why they are penalised, and hence have a negative perception on internet marketing.

Our SEO services are not 100% to get you onto page 1, number one. However, our SEO consultants are trained to write quality content and get links through the natural way. Other SEO consultants might take the short cut by buying links. This means that unrelated and low quality websites will link to your website. This will harm your website as Google does not like people whom tries to cheat them and buy links.


Wish to Join Us as a SEO Consultant?

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At our SEO agency, all our SEO consultants are certified and will only use efficient white hat SEO methods to help your business website. Hence when thinking of finding an SEO consultant, there should only be 1 name that comes to mind- Wiz Marketing! To hire our SEO consultants for our SEO services, call +65 91913723.


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