About Us

Wiz Marketing is an online marketing SEO agency founded by Jin and Ann in 2014. Wiz Marketing specialises in many forms of internet marketing:

Businesses start to realize the importance of having a website- nowadays everyone is on the web. There are many internet marketing agencies and experts in Singapore. However, only a few can actually help businesses grow their online precense. Thus, Wiz Marketing was formed to help business; to bring quality and effective internet marketing solutions.

To be recognised as the leading SEO agency in Singapore and get leads for businesses using effective white hat SEO methods. This to help businesses grow in both online and offline, increasing their revenue to the max.
To help businesses focus on their business with their online presence taken care of.


Our Approach

At Wiz Marketing, we train our SEO consultants to use white hat SEO methods to help businesses grow their online presence. Through the building of websites, great web designs and superior content, our internet marketing experts are able to give your site visitor the best experience. In the end, the goal is still to help get leads and convert leads.

In this industry with many options and choices, it is not uncommon for some to use spammy methods to fool search engines such as Google in hope of moving up the ranking of their client’s website. However, this is frowned upon by Google and only work in a short term. For long term results, white hat SEO methods must be used. This may take a longer time, but the results will be much more beneficial than using black hat SEO methods to cheat search engines.

Being a trained SEO consultant himself, Jin has seen many mistakes businesses often make without realising them. Jin understands the guidelines and rules of Google well, thus he is able to help edit businesses strategies.

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Why Wiz Marketing?

Wiz Marketing is not just any SEO agency in Singapore. Having trained our internet marketing experts in both web design and SEO, we are able to help our clients create beautiful and lead generating websites. Getting ranked on Google first page is important. However, having an appealing website in equally important to get the lead. Watch the video below to see how Wiz Marketing can help you and your business.

To hire our SEO consultants, call us at +65 91913723.